Nowadays, most people use smartphone for hours everyday.  Severe consequences of bending neck down are chronic back pain and damged cervical nerve system. The neck alarm is to correct users’ posture while texting. When the bending degree of neck exceeds normal one for a long time, instant notification in phone will remind the user and the application will record their head positions in days. The style of the product is natural, fresh, comfortable, calm and quiet, inspired by herbals and plants.


The target user is people who suffer from neck/shoulder pain by using mobile phone freequently.  The scenario is: using phone when walking on street and sitting, such as in MTR, restaurant etc. 

#This product design was exhibited in SD works in Polyu.

With the aid of 3D printing and 3D scanning, the product design is customized and fit for individuals, as every shape and dimension of human body is unique. Also,complex and hollow form of the product can be printed out.

Stereolithography (SLA) is used in the design due to its highstrength, percision, smoothness. SLA is stronger than FDM for building the hollow structure. Surface of SLA is smooth and dimension of SLA product is accurate to fit human body. The material used is resin which is strong and accurate ( equal or bigger than 0.1mm)


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