Pollen bactria cell is a bactria cell that contains fine to coarse powder which produce sperm cells, it’s structure are mainly spicky, intracate also it has a interlock fuction.We took reference of pollen bactria cell and embeded the intracate patterns and structure into the design of the bike. Moreover, Our defination of edgyness represents the freedom of expression as well as carefree. It must include color black and red. We add masculinity for women in to the design. Spikes and metals are the factors in the design.

It is defined that the spicky form is also one of the characteristic of the pollen bacteria cell structure. The handle part of the balance bike use of spicky form in silicone material, meanwhile having a shock aborbed function, which is also another characteristic of the cell.

Hexagon part of the arylic represents the polygon-like form of the pollen bacteria cell, which shows a very gemeotric form of the bike, and at the same time, irregular shape on the surface show the linkage between the network structure and the cell inside structure in bacteria cell.

Leather is the iconic of the edgy style, therefore, we tried to use the polished artificial leather to cover the seat and more match with edgy style.

Back side of the bike is different proportion of triangle creating a space. Due to the polygon structure like of the pollen bacteria cell, triangle is the most suitable form to showing the cell structure. Besides, triangle has the strongest structure while building a bicycle, it fulfills form and the function at the same time.

Out in the market, balance bike are mainly designed for children to help them learn balance and steering. However, we notice there are still teens that could not bike, we pin point this problem and studied their needs. By using the cell structure elenments and adding the stilish edgy theme, we introduce you the “I Don’t Give A Bike”. This bike are perfectly sutible for teens age between 13 to 19 that are eager to learn bike in a stylish way. 

-Freedom Of Expression

-Must Include Color Black

-For Women (Add Masculinity)





-Polygon Like



-Shock Absorb







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