The Thief of Time (日止) is metaphoring those continually recurring phenomena, and stealing time for human from the Mother Nature. Ancient Chinese had a wording," WORK FROM DAWN, REST AT DUSK" showing how people show adopt to the Nature. However, the invention of light changes human behaviour and activity at night never cease. We wanted to remind the public how human behaviour has been conflicting with natural pattern.

The objectives of designing this product are to raise people's awareness of the existence of nature's physiological clock, to encourage people to follow the nature's physiological clock, and to connect people's daily life with the nature.

The target user of this product are: people who living in the city, people who are not following the nature's physiological clock, and people who are disconnect with the nature.

" Everytime we try to fasten our work, we are stealing time from nature and affecting its balance"

M E T H A P H O R 

U S E R  J O U R N E Y


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